Ground Handling Logistic – Safewrap has been a pioneer for baggage/ luggage wrapping services for more than a decade and has established a service that is unique and first of its own in the kingdom. Thecompany has positioned itself as a leader in baggage protection service and has created a distinctive part in the heart of its customers.

Currently, Safewrap operates in 24 airport terminals within Saudi Arabia providing specialized, versatile packing services. We guarantee a commitment to provide excellent services to our clients.

By using Safewrap, our clients get the peace of mind knowing their possessions are safe and in professional hands

Packing and Wrapping service is our line of expertise. We have the appropriate design materials as well as team of trained professional to provide you outstanding services and convenient for your packing needs.

Transportation and Cargo services are through chain of solutions which are determined according to the client requirements.

Safewrap will be pleased to share success with you. We can guarantee to give customers a very high quality products and services, providing customer satisfaction.



Package Deal?  It’s a Wrap

When Maher Alnahdi strolled through Frankfurt Airport back in the year 2000 for a connecting flight back to his Riyadh home, he stopped in his tracks to watch airport workers wrapping a bag with plastic film.

“ I hadn’t seen it before. I knew we didn’t have anything like this in Saudi Arabia so I thought I would see if I could buy a machine, import it, put a 20% mark up and sell it to the Saudi Airport company in Jeddah,” he said.

While the airport company liked the concept, they instead offered Alnahdi  a place on a tender  exercise  to do it himself.

The Alnahdi family business was in security products and real estate but, he said “ I saw this as a “happy business” – one where I could get  the machine, a labourer and just make a small return – so I went to the pitch.

Today, Alnahdi’s Safewrap  company is found at 24 airports in the kingdom and is now developing international market through franchises.

The Product has changed significantly, too. “We were the only people bidding to do this,” Alnahdi said. “When we started  I could see why. We paid an annual rent a million riyals at Jeddah and our daily income was just 300 Riyals (US$100). I went to the airport and told them but they said we have a signed contract and had to deal with it.

The result was Alnahdireally studying the needs of passengers  passing through the airport.

International Travellers

“For the Domestic Market it was nothing. People were passing through with a bag  or a briefcase. But watching some of the international travelers – particularly those coming to perform the Hajj or Umrah – they didn’t care about the weights or the size of their bags. Some had sold their homes or had help from their villages. I knew we could help them.”

Alnahdi developed modification to the wrapping equipment and got a higher quality stretch rather than heat wrapped plastic materials. He was able to get  the materials in Saudi and business started to grow.

The pilgrimage also lead him to another idea. Each year, millions of people visit the Holy Well of Zamzam , while performing the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage, in order to drink its water.

According to Islamic belief, it is miraculously generated sources of water from God, which began thousands of years ago when Abraham infant son Ishmael was thirsty and kept crying for water. The well has never dried, despite drought, and many pilgrims would take a bottle or a jar  of the Zamzam water back to their villages.

“The water was causing a problem for the airlines. Leakage was a challenged and, of course, security was an issue too,” Alnahdi said.

He looked at at producing cartons and a much sturdier wrap and found the water could be secured to solve many of the airline problems. “We showed it to Saudi and now we have the exclusive contract to wrap  the water.”

It is impossible to enter the flagship Jeddah Airport  without seeing Safewrap in action. The brightly uniformed staffs are constantly working the lines with a smile to help people quickly and efficiently.

“As we have developed our equipment, we have added scales, CCTV and so on. People can see their luggage is protected against the knocks it can get in the journey, and it is secured. Our material is strong and needs to be cut with a a knife. You can see if your luggage  has been tampered with,” said Alnahdi

The company can also wrap unusual items. “ We have wrapped bicycles, push chairs, gardening tools; we spend a lot of money  making our equipment do this. It is so different from the basic system  that you see at some airports – and if you try my service once you will see when you arrive at your destination how good it is.”

The franchise is rolling out with Africa, Eurore and US as targets. Safewrap is also planning to launch an insurance scheme to provide a worldwide guarantee.

“From a happy business to a big business, This is exciting,” Alnahdi said.


Who We Are

  1. We are authorized by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) in Saudi Arabia
  2. We have 14 years experience in wrapping & packing services in airports in KSA
  3. Our skilled and trained work force is over 400 employees by different nationalities
  4. We are member of IATA Strategic Partnership working together with key aviation industry.
  5. We are acknowledge & certified by Top Airlines and Cargo companies for reliable & professional services to customers.
  6. We are Globally Certified ISO 9001:2008 Company


To be the leading service solution in our field by providing high quality products thru innovations that exceed customer satisfaction.


To reassure our clients with proactive and friendly services, which offer reliable and dependable protection.

Core Values

The values we hold which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves

  • Excellence
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Integrity and& Honesty
  • Safety and Responsibility