Safewrap is a worldwide leader in Baggage Protection Services for air travelers, specializing in check-in luggage security.

We offer wide variety of services exceeding to customer satisfaction.

  • Airport Baggage Wrapping
  • Suitcase Wrapping System
  • Packing Services
  • Luggage Guarantee / Insurance
  • Luggage Lockers
  • Luggage Delivery

Advantage for the Passengers

Baggage wrapping provides deterrent to the passengers’ luggage and personal belongings against;

  • Accidental Opening by a rough loading
  • Illegal insert of prohibited items or drugs
  • Pilferage & Theft of valuable items
  • Protect baggage/luggage from scratches and tearing
  • Protect baggage/luggage from foul weather (rain, snow)
  • Provide intact packaging – bringing several pieces together
  • It make easy to determine immediately the lost or stolen items and to make claims

Advantage for the Airports

The airport can improve the passenger facilities and services, by tracking the wrapped luggage; they can monitor the safety of the loading process and the impact of the loading belts over the fragile baggage.

Advantage for the Airlines

Our baggage wrapping helps to reduce any damages can happen to your luggage, not for normal items only but for unconventional items such as: bicycles, golf equipment, snowboard, wheelchairs and many more things.