• Flammable Liquid or Solids: Fuel, Paints, Lighter refills, Matches.
  • Household items: Drain cleaners and solvents.
  • Pressure containers: Spray cans, Butane fuel, Scuba tanks, propane tanks, Carbon Dioxide cartridges, and self-inflating rafts.
  • Weapons: Firearms, Ammunition, Gunpowder, Mace, Tear gas or Pepper spray.
  • Other hazardous materials: Dry ice, Gasoline-powered tools, Wet-cell Batteries, Camping equipment with fuel, Radioactive materials, Poisons, Infectious Substances.

We supply UN-Rated and protective packaging, and support our customers to the highest level in regards to compliance, safety, and reliability.

    • Design, manufacture, and distribute UN rated packaging in a wide variety of styles:
    • Chemical combination and single packaging
    • Biological substance packaging
    • Temperature controlled packaging
    • Protective packaging
    • Make compliance easy.
    • Find creative ways to minimize customers’ risk and ensure the safe transportation of product.
    • Offer deep knowledge of regulations as they pertain to the safe transport of hazardous materials.
    • Educate clients about the regulatory community and requirements.


The Advantages:

  • SafeWrap Dangerous Goods Team is committed to process-excellence and delivering a high-quality product. We have a dedicated Quality staff and specific objectives we measure ourselves against. Our Quality Policy and three Objectives focus on thrilling the customer and making the customer more money.
    1. 99% On-time Delivery
      Our first quality objective is to achieve on-time delivery for at least 99% of our warehouse shipments every month of every year. When you consider these factors and compare our on-time performance with that of other packaging suppliers, the true value of our performance is easily recognized. Indeed, most suppliers don’t even track on-time delivery. Our stellar on-time delivery results are a reflection of the sophistication of our systems and SafeWrap Packaging’s dedication to furthering your success.
    2. Product Quality
      Our second quality objective is to have at least 99.2% of product shipments meet all customer requirements and needs.
    3. Strategic Planning Review
      Our third objective is to meet with customers in formal business reviews to quantify the value we provide.
  • We believe that complete customer satisfaction is more than meeting your expectations.