Suitcase Wrapping System:

This quick and easy service enables passengers to get their luggage wrapped in less than 30 seconds. A special bag wrap machine wraps each individual item of luggage in a plastic resin protective film that is fully recyclable and non-toxic. The plastic film, which can be stretched by as much as 200%, adheres perfectly to different shapes and surfaces. Thanks to its high resistance, adaptability to extreme temperature changes and multiple wrapping layers, it protects luggage from humidity, rain, marks and accidental opening.

Professional Luggage Wrapping Service is available at King Abdulazziz International Airport-Jeddah, King Fahd International Airport - Dammam  and 22 Regional and Domestic Airports across the Kingdom.

Travelers or Passengers wanting their luggage/baggage wrapped and secured can come to our nearest

Safewrap counters located inside and outside the airport.


Sealing Machine

Heavy duty impulse sealer machine. Double sealing bar and separated sealing time and temperature setting to hermetically close bags of any thickness, also for wet and dusty products. Supplied mounted on adjustable stand with locking castors, it can be installed anywhere alongside a packaging line.

The machine utilizes an exclusive 100% recyclable shrink and stretch-wrap plastic film that when applied

along with a distinct label creates a tamper-resistant seal for baggage and cargo items. The passengers can easily remove the plastic film, however, this plastic film cannot be reapplied without easy detection.

Due to the tamper-resistant nature of the product, this application should ensure that any attempt to tamper would be detected, even to the causal observer due to the obvious distortion of the film.